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Hotels open "no-touch service" and strengthen disinfection measures for check-in (Tencent Recurring Card Issuing Terminal for Huazhu)

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The hotel service industry in Guangzhou is also well prepared to prevent and control the epidemic at present. Guangzhou Daily's full media reporter visited all major star hotels and resorts in the city for many days, and saw that the hotels have strengthened internal cleaning and disinfection, and taken temperature measurement measures for guests entering the hotels. Some hotel groups have even introduced intelligent no-contact services to reduce interpersonal contact and avoid cross-infection. Some residents expressed confidence in the cleanliness of the hotel, the current prevention and control work in Guangzhou is organized, and staying in the hotel is reassuring.

In Guangzhou local old star hotels, Oriental Hotel, China Hotel, Garden Hotel and other member hotels under Lingnan Hotel have done strict preventive and control measures in advance, including having upgraded the hygiene mechanism and increased the frequency of disinfection in public areas, especially elevators and restrooms; all employees wear masks on duty; all employees and guests need to take temperature test when entering the hotel.

Guangzhou Daily full media reporter saw in the Oriental Hotel, the hotel requires all employees and guests to enter the hotel need to wear masks and temperature measurement, while in the check-in, the front desk will also take the temperature of the residents again, to ensure that all entering personnel do not have abnormalities in body temperature. The reporter saw that the current health status of employees and guests to and from the unified real-time registration, regular reporting, so that all departments to grasp the situation. The hotel told reporters that once the suspected disease is found, the first time the patient will be sent to the doctor, and promptly reported to the hotel's leading group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, the Oriental Hotel Safety and Health Office and the city's Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as a full range of disinfection work.

In addition, the Oriental Hotel will also prepare some protective tools as well as protective drugs for the use of guests who arrive at the hotel. The hotel said that once there are fever, respiratory infection and other symptoms of the guests, the hotel will do a good job of isolation in a timely manner, and actively assist them to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

Some hotel guests said that they have confidence in the cleaning and epidemic prevention of Guangzhou hotels and are not worried about the health of their stay. "The hotel to strengthen health and epidemic prevention measures will be more beneficial to the guests staying there, because it can be more protective of everyone's health, we are very supportive." Miss Zhang, a tourist from Jiangxi, said

The reporter then came to the Conrad Guangzhou, all hotel staff before going to work to take the temperature, hand sanitizing and wearing masks, guests entering and leaving the hotel are to take the temperature. The public areas of the hotel have to place hand sanitizer for guests to use at any time. The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the guest rooms is also higher than usual, with the air conditioning filters in the guest rooms being vacuumed and disinfected, and the kitchen and dining areas being fully disinfected.

The reporter then went to the Guangzhou Poly Intercontinental Hotel and saw that the hotel was operating as usual. The reporter saw that the hotel had upgraded its sanitation mechanism, increasing the frequency of disinfection in public areas, especially the elevators and restrooms; all employees in the hotel wore masks on duty, and all employees and guests were required to wear masks and take temperature measurements when entering the hotel, and no-rinse disinfectant gel and masks were provided to guests in the temperature measurement area.

Hotels use intelligent services to reduce human contact and avoid cross-infection

Reporters touring the city also found that some hotels to improve the degree of epidemic prevention and hygiene, to provide "no contact service", through self-check-in, robot delivery, zero-second check-out and other services to reduce interpersonal contact to avoid cross-infection.

Guangzhou Daily full media reporter in Guangzhou Tianhe North all season hotel see, here from booking and check in the whole process, do not need to be like the traditional hotel with the front desk clerk "face to face", but through the cell phone APP booking, in the store through the self-service machine brush ID card self-help to get a room card, can be checked in.


Take-out service and hotel loan items are all delivered by robots, avoiding the base of outsiders and hotel staff and reducing the risk of virus transmission. When checking out, guests can also leave the hotel quickly by simply handing their room cards to the hotel staff or in the room card collection box. The delivery robot disinfects the whole thing once every hour.


Article taken from Guangzhou Daily Ocean. http://news.dayoo.com/gzrbrmt/202001/31/158562_53053557.html


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