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TTCE-R series magnetic card reader common failures and maintenance methods

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I. Correct operation steps

The card should be inserted in the direction specified by the product and the speed of the card should be kept even.

The card used in the standard model should be a standard card conforming to ISO7811.

The card used should have no foreign objects, scratches or defects on the magnetic path.

The card should not be placed close to the magnet to avoid demagnetization of the signal on the card.

If the product appears to be swiped too hard or there is obstruction to swipe the card, the magnetic head needs to be cleaned and processed. (Use the cleaning card)

Second, the daily maintenance and maintenance methods:

1、Cleaning magnetic head

Put the felt side of the clean cleaning card against the magnetic head and scratch it in the rail slot continuously for a few times. If you feel that the magnetic head has been fouled.

Cleaning solution or alcohol can be used to wet the felt surface of the cleaning card, so that the felt surface close to the magnetic head a few times.

2、Clean the guide slot

Wrap the cleaning card with gauze on the edge of the guide slot, the card into the slot, to reach the edge of the magnetic head, the head on both sides of the moving cleaning card.


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