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TTCE-Card issuing machine common failures and maintenance methods

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Maintenance and use precautions

1 Drive wheel maintenance.

Drive wheel regular inspection, use alcohol to clean the above dirt.

2 The hair card read-write daily maintenance and the maintenance

The hair card read-write in use for a period of time or read-write quantity reaches a certain quantity after, because each component in the non-stop running wear will be more serious, at this time we have necessary to hair card read-write carry on certain maintenance and maintenance. Specific steps are as follows:

1)Check the hair card read-write each mechanical component whether has the looseness and the abnormality if has the looseness and the abnormality to reinforce immediately or

Inspection and repair.

(2) Check the machine left and right drive wheel belt has no loose, if there is loose to readjust the position of the elastic wheel.

(3) use a clean card or a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe the bottom of the card box to dial the card wheel and drive wheel and card air light sense to make


4)Select the cards with oil and serious deformation on the surface of the cards in use, and wipe the cards with oil on the surface with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.

The cards with oil on the surface should be wiped dry with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol before use, and the cards with serious deformation should be replaced if they cannot be repaired.

3 safety use note

(1) when the host or chassis open maintenance, must shut down the power connected to the card reader, so as not to cause damage to the machine.

(2) when the power is on, pay attention to the positive and negative pole of the machine power supply.

(3) strictly prohibit the plugging and unplugging port connection socket with electricity. Plugging and unplugging with electricity is easy to damage the control circuit.

4)Keep the reader clean without oil and dirt. Oily adhesive will seriously affect the performance of the reader.


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